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2005 Nissan Titan Review towing a Logan Coach horse trailer

05 Nissan Titan and Logan

Back in 2003 when I drove the first Titan at it’s media launch in Napa Valley, it was history repeating itself. Here was a truck that was fun to drive, had a gate shifted 5speed auto and was roomy. The American truck companies, whom owned the world were resting on their laurels thinking they owned the American truck buyer. Just like the seventies when Detroit was making land yachts that got 10 mpg and along came Honda, Toyota and Nissan and totally improved the quality and efficient car we know today. 2005 Nissan Titan Review towing a Logan Coach horse trailer.

Well it’s out beloved trucks turn, I was impressed with the first Japanese truck that could run with the big boys. Toyota is catching up, but the T100 it started with did not scare Detroit. But now,,,,,,2008 Japanese diesels 3/4 tons.   Almost every article you read in the major automotive magazines comparing 1/2 ton trucks, picks Titan the winner.

So another wake up call for Detroit. Competition is the mamma of improvement. Consumers rule, the market place and will can sort past all the hype and advertising and pick. Japan still has the reputation for quality vehicles, who hasn’t heard of a Toyota truck with over 300,000 miles and no major work. We hear it about the Cummins in the Dodge truck. American truck companies have greatly improved their trucks and are dramatically different from from the seventies and eighties. They last longer, don’t use oil, have a great ride. So the reality is 5 truck companies not three and there could be a Korean truck next.


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