Ultimate Field Office

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A lot of us work out of our trucks. My truck is my office with my laptop computer, printer- scanner, six 12-volt plug-ins, 110 volt inverter and wires running all over my dash. If have a sudden stop in traffic, I cringe wondering what might fly off the dash and give me a headache.

My back seat gets stacks of products, maps, paperwork, briefcases, clipboards, paper towels etc. All the stuff I need on the road that I don’t want banging around in my toolbox. There are so many things I need out of the weather, close to where I can reach it. The Ultimate Field Office, doesn’t block the view of any of your windows. The largest drawer is 49 inches long and lockable. Behind the passenger seat is an optional power lift for a all-in-one printer.

There are four compartments accessible from the front seat. The center section is large enough to store clothes, files, binders or use as an ice chest. Your trucks factory jack location and amplifier stay intact. Optional inverter gives you 110 volt outlets and 12 volt DC outlets. On the road I charge my phone, camera batteries, spot light, electric impact etc. I need the juice!

Now I can be organized, safe and efficient, thanks to mobileDUZ Ultimate Field Office! If you do business on the road, you carry important documents and equipment. With Ultimate Field Office, people can’t look in your windows and see what valuables are stored in your truck.

Standard Features

  • Four compartments with lids, within reach of front seat occupants.
  • Three drawers, one of which is 49 inches long by 12 inches wide.
  • Jack storage compartment


  • Electrical Package
  • Power Lift with All-in-One Printer Copier and Scanner
  • Aft Trim Kits

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The Ultimate Field Office is rugged, durable and blends in with your trucks interior trim. It replaces your back seat. If you work out of your truck, now you can have theinside toolbox.

The socket for the flashlight in the face of the Ultimate Field Office, is also a good place to drop keys or other valuables, as it connects to the bottom lockable drawer. This is a product MrTruck.com can recommend for quality and functionality as a unique truck accessory.

Available now for Ford F150 Super Cab and Super Crew, Ford F250-550 Super Cab, GMC- Chevy Crew Cab, more trucks soon. For more pictures, info and prices click mobileDUZ Ultimate Field Office  or call 800.814.6802

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