Featherlite SURV, a heavy duty trailer for your Toys. We camp at Tiger Run in Breckenridge and Circus Circus Koa in Vegas. 

We installed Power Vision mirrors, Hell-Ya Hitch Helper, Truck Bedz, and Valley Odyssey brake controller

Though a latecomer, Featherlite makes what I would call an “off-road” toy hauler trailer. Called SURV, Sport Utility Recreational Vehicle. This is one you can take to the wilderness over rough trails, snow banks and mud, to get the “good” spots with your bikes and 4-wheelers. This is not a trailer from an RV company that puts a garage door on the rear of an RV and adds an axle to be a toy-hauler. Featherlite builds a stout horse trailer and brings strength to this category. The trailer towed easy, just like LQ horse trailers, the SURV was tongue heavy without rear cargo. When we loaded the Honda ATV, our toolboxes and gear, the trailer balanced out well. A 3-degree aerodyne slope to the roof and v-nose helps for easier towing,So nice to take your luxury house to the wilderness with your toys to find the best trails. Then at the end of the day, you have comfort and rest. Makes a great headquarters for those outside adventures, a place to come back to and hose the mud off and eat.

Our review trailer was well equipped model 7924, the longest bumper pull, 28 ft. long, was 8’6″ wide, 6’6″ high.  Two 6k axles gave it a GVWR of 12,000 lbs. Honda 6.0kW generator had it’s own box with an outside door, was equipped with external fuel tank, gauge, transfer switch and remote start. The holding tanks were armored, 54 gallon fresh water, 35 gallon grey tank, 35 gallon black tank and 6 gallon hot water tank. Four tiedowns on the floor of the garage for securing 4-wheelers and bikes, could use a couple more with 6 now for 2007. 16,000 BTU furnace supplied heat thru 3 vents.  Radio with CD, folding wall bed/sofa and Queen size bed in master bedroom. A two burner top stove, oven microwave and 6.3 cu ft way refrigerator.  We used the 20′ awning, and outside shower of course. Empty weight 6900 lbs, net cargo capacity 5100 lbs. which is enough for the heaviest 4×4 4-wheelers.  I would go with the optional electric tongue jack, it’s a big trailer. The 3 foot entrance door fits me when I run in for popcorn.

Price range from $35 to 40K with goosenecks $44-48k. Featherlite SURV trailers are manufactured with corrosion-resistant aluminum, for a lighter, easier towing long life trailer.  Torsion axles on the SURV have a lower floor height that makes loading toys and equipment easier as well as a better ride and more stable suspension than the sway energy loading leaf springs. Picture left, heavy duty steel axle trolley on the aluminum SURV. Featherlite’s website

Living space, cargo area and storage are the key features for a toy hauler. The interior décor including fabrics, woods, flooring and countertops were custom designed and installed in-house at Featherlite. As announced earlier in 2007, Featherlite has partnered with Sierra Custom Interiors to offer the new Featherlite/Sierra Interiors Collection. A number of interior options are available in Featherlite SURVs. Weight reducing aluminum tread plate is now standard on the surface of the SURV ramp. New standard entertainment features include a flat screen TV and big sound stereo.

Featherlite’s new SURV for 2007 is Model 7925. A bumper pull, the 7925 is 28-feet long and includes a cargo wall, which creates a 10 ½-feet length in the garage and cargo area. The new cargo wall separates  the living quarters from your toys or storage.  Nice to have the gas fumes behind a wall. The SURV has screened vents near the floor in the garage. Toy haulers are becoming a favorite vehicle for trade show vendors.

In addition to the new Model 7925, Featherlite’s SURV product line includes Models 7924 and 7943. Model 7943 is available in 24, 28 and 32-feet lengths plus the length of the gooseneck. New for 2007, the 28 and 32-feet lengths, are available with the “garage wall package” that creates the cargo wall that separates the garage and living area. Model 7943, as well as Model 7924, each include two fold-down benches, a refrigerator, cooktop stove, restroom with shower and toilet, vanity with sink, cabinets and an optional pull down queen bed in the rear. The 7943 also includes a bed in the gooseneck.

New standard features now available on all Featherlite SURVs include cargo netting that is above all overhead cabinets in SURVs with the cargo wall, which allows for additional interior storage space. Also standard is Featherlite Gripstar rear ramp lining that is designed to grip the tires of the recreational vehicle for a smooth, slip-resistant entry into and out of the garage area. The new SURVs also come with a 100-gallon fresh water tank, a porch light and lighted grab handle at the entrance of the living quarters, a new sliding shower stall door, a wall mounted thermostat and now six tie downs per trailer for securing cargo.

Many new options are available with Featherlite SURV trailers including 110-volt flat screen TVs, electric double queen beds, a portable exterior grill, 20 gallon fueling station and exterior speakers. Featherlite SURVs come with a standard Black Magic decor package, but SURV owners can also choose from Featherlite’s Red Glory, Simulated Pine and Simulated Oak décor packages.

We took the Featherlite SURV for a mountain exploration in the Colorado mountains near Breckenridge. We took the SURV to backcountry and road 4 wheelers up to the Continental Divide In October a week after a 15 inch snow, our weekend was in the sixties with clear skies to enjoy the mountain scenery.

This is roughing it, the Honda generator gives us enough power to pop popcorn in the microwave. Having a bathroom on the trail with grandchildren is wonderful. The Featherlite SURV makes a great off-road HQ campsite to run the ATVs and bikes from. Outside shower, encase you have too much fun. Picture right, opening the jeep trails with the 4-wheeler on the continental divide was a blast.

Granddaughters keep wearing my sweats. As you can see by the mess on the floor, we had 3 teenagers with us. Big shower, but with all the kids, we did fill the gray tank.

Comfortable master bed (picture right) kept the warmest. 3 heat vents for the trailer.

SURV made a great office for me to stay in touch with emails on the road. The well equipped and laid out kitchen, kept my rowdy film crew happy as playing hard makes you hungry. Sink cabinets had removable floors to get to all the drains to the water for winterizing. Featherlite’s website

 Rear Ramp

Picture left, I am a fan of piano hinges. The ramp is attached to the trailer with a heavy duty piano hinge. Makes a good seal with a rubber cover on the outside of the hinge. Thecable retracts like a house garage door. Slam latch secures the ramp/garage door.

Storage other than the Garage

Left, this is where you can store tools with a storage bin. Nice having a separate room with outside door upfront in the nose for tools and gear. This is were the gas tank for the generator is. Storage compartment has the fresh water tank (bottom right).  Generator had more than enough power to run everything on the trailer at the same time. On the way home, when tired, we just pulled over took a nap, started the generator and popped popcorn in the microwave. 


Main shut off switch, a must for RVs and LQs. Electrical main box, fuses and schematic are easy to get to. Detachable cord, easier to store Flashy graphics cover the SURV. Low load angle ramp loads easy.

Sewer Accessories

Someone gave us the wrong TP. 3 rolls later we were plugged

 Back flush unit worked, get the one with a gate.

Pressure gauge restrictor at the inlet to keep the water pressure going into the trailer at 45 psi I like adaptable holding tank drain adaptors that fit several sizes of drains. Featherlite is on the right track with the outside shower next to the waste tank outlets.

Waste tanks are well protected under the floor between floor I-beams. I-beam floor supports, generator muffler out of the way. Notice the wiring is protected with rubber grommets. My office lounge area. Wilderness chat room. Room for two 4-wheelers for at least 4 bikes.

Tiger Run in Breckenridge Colorado

I picked Tiger Run RV park because has it the highest rating from Woodalls RV Directory. We rented a cabin with a space next to it for the Featherlite and chase car. You can rent cabins, RV spaces or buy them. Two rivers amber through the RV park. It’s only 9 miles to Frisco and Lake Dillon and 4 miles to Breckenridge ski resort. With other major Colorado ski resorts just up the road to Vail.  

 Inside rec center.  Family fun

 Our Cabin. What a view ! Two rivers run thru it. Beautiful blue mountain water. Roomy parking pad for trailers or RV’s next to cabins.

Truck Bedz

Turn your truck bed into a guest room. Truck Bedz is an air mattress that fits in your truck bed. Fits around the wheel wells.

Comes in a nice bag with it’s own air pump and repair kit. We tied it to our 4-wheeler and the Truck Bedz stood up well to all the abuse and rocks. Makes a nice cushiony sled.
In October at 12,000 ft and it’s 60 degrees. Nap time for MrTruck. Product reviews wear you out. Truck Bedz tough enough to tow the kids with the 4-wheeler.  http://truckbedz.com/

Camping in Vegas, KOA campground at Circus Circus is the only campsite on the strip.Makes it convenient and  close to the Interstate. Towing a trailer through Vegas is hectic and dangerous. Imagine the scene when all the horse trailers come to Vegas for NFR.

And then getting to Vegas and back  through the Rockies in November is a challenge, but the first challenge was getting to the next gas station in Utah. The 2004 Chevy HD2500 with Duramax diesel and Allison 6-speed is a great towing machine, but with a short bed, only a 26 gallon tank. The onboard GM computer that calculates fuel mileage, takes awhile to adjust. Of course I’m always going farther with heavier trailers, so the digital mpg readout is not to be believed. From Denver to Vegas, each tank fillup went a shorter distance. So my biggest lesson came at Salina Utah, with the fuel gauge on E and Salina ahead, the engine died right at the off ramp off of I-70. So with trailer in tow I coasted down the ramp, around the corner towards the two gas stations. Rolling past the first station, I made it to the fuel island and stopped at the pump. Relieved with my luck, I was happy, this truck had the LLY Duramax that self primed when the filter was out of diesel unlike the LB7.

Circus Circus Koa campground on the strip was so handy, walking distance to buffet and the strip. Has it’s own store, swimming pool, playground etc. Nice facility, seems isolated from the heavy traffic just on the other side of the wall.

Used a Hell-Ya hitch helper on the way back to Colorado  The SURV trailer empty heading to Colorado, like an empty horse trailer LQ, was tongue heavy. The Hell Ya hitch helper did improve the handling of the trailer without a wdh. It takes some of the weight off your rear axles. Measuring the mudflaps, we were 1 inch higher coming home with the Hell-Ya. Curves in the mountains had less under steer and of course I didn’t bottom out the jack  going through gas stations. The SURV has a 1250 lb tongue weight when empty, lighter with 4-wheelers in the back. Ran 65-70 mph 75 degrees thru Utah. Hell-Ya eliminated some of the porpus action on I-70 between Salida and Green River Utah. When I can’t use a weight distributing hitch, the Hell-Ya hitch helper fills in. I like to use it too with the SUV’s with rear independent suspension. Hell-Ya now offers a dual model. http://www.stingerhitch.com/

Had a flat on the truck 100 miles North of Vegas. Of course my spare only had 40 psi in it. Good thing I had my Slime kit with air compressor. Just bought an aluminum floor jack at SEMA. Also had my handy 18 volt impact gun for those tight lug nuts.

Power Vision says it all.

Nice to be able to extend the mirrors without getting out of your truck. Well made mirrors. Power Vision was the factory tow mirrors for GM for a couple of years. This install does take some skill and time. The toughest part is connecting a wire to both mirrors so they synchronize. Heavy mirrors, which translates to less vibration on the road. Our test truck was a 2004 Chevy HD 2500.

Disconnect the battery, take the door panels off, which includes the mid door buttons and screws. The wiring harness is color coded, just match the connectors, looks better than the factory wires in the door. Even comes with the Christmas tree push in connectors. You’ll want to use Lok-Tite on the mirror bolts. The plastic that is stuck to the door has a purpose, so don’t remove it, just feed the wiring harness through it. It’s for road wind noise dampening. Lon used a template to make the door switch hole. We installed in the door handle recess so I wouldn’t bump it with my knee.

Lon of Transwest Truck Trailer RV, did a professional job, taking time to make the mirror switch look like factory. The hardest part was running the wire through the dash to the passenger door. http://www.powervisionmirrors.com/

We also added Valley Odyssey trailer brake controller using the licensed brand name Husky Excursion. The Odyssey has 4 power levels, can be quick attached and mounted in any position, not all brake controllers can say that. The braking power was very similar to a Prodigy. The Chevy we installed into didn’t have a factory trailer brake controller pigtail, so we hard wired it.

Thanks to www.TranswestTruckTrailerRV.com for installing the Power Vision mirrors, Valley Odyssey trailer brake control and providing the HD 2500 Chevy truck.

Thanks to Truck Bedz: http://truckbedz.com/

Thanks to Hell-Ya Hitch Helper: http://www.stingerhitch.com/

Thanks to Power Vision for the mirrors: http://www.powervisionmirrors.com/

Gooseneck model, right.   Featherlite has a wide array of options to choose from and can custom design any SURV trailer complete with living quarters to a customer’s exact specifications. For more information or to view Featherlite’s new  SURV trailers, call Featherlite at 800-800-1230 for a free catalog, see your local dealer or visitFeatherlite’s website